Please Be Careful at Kaaterskill Falls

  |  July 30, 2014
kaaterskill falls

There’s been another fatality on the Kaaterskill Falls trail this summer. According to the Kingston Daily Freeman, a 23 year old Putnam County women fell 180 feet to her death there, making this the second death at Kaaterskill since June. She was on an unmarked portion of the trail, says the Freeman article. There are fatalities every year involving people ill-equipped to make the hike try to get to the top of the falls or who venture off the marked trails. And every year, we drive up Route 23A over the mountain and continue to see scores of hikers heading to the falls trail, many wearing only flip-flops for their trek. So, please, we implore you, put on hiking shoes or boots. Stay on the trail. It’s even treacherous if it’s excessively muddy (we did that one year, and even with good shoes, it was a scary experience). Save the flip-flops for the beach. Kenco has plenty of hiking shoes.

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