Presenting Your New Friday Night Plans

  |  March 27, 2015

Let’s level, upstaters, your Friday night plans are the worst. Dinner? TV? TV Dinner? Why not try something a little different? Maybe something a little awkward, and really funny, and a lot of fun? Why not go to the live taping of the The Locals podcast at BSP in Kingston? The creative child of Brooklyn transplant Sam Osterhout, The Locals is “like the Late Show meets A Praire Home Companion with swearing.” The second installment of the series, Friday’s show features laughs, musical performances, interviews, and special guest Simi Stone, whose ‘mountain motown’ musical stylings demand to be listened to.

The Locals is a radio show set in Dinges, New York, about the tension between the folks who grew up there and transplants from the city, emigrating for the authentic small-town lifestyle and the delicious slow-cooked meats. “Trouble is brewing, along with so much maté,” and as you can imagine, hilarity ensues. And as if you needed another reason to go, Kingston Wine Co. has put up a $50 gift certificate to the winners of that night’s quiz, so make sure you sign up when you get there. Presented by Chronogram, the doors open at about 7pm and the show starts at about 8pm. Tickets are 10$ in advance (here), and $15 at the door, but get them soon because this event is sure to draw a crowd.

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