Reducing the Learning Curve on Renting Out Your House

  |  July 31, 2012


Bloomberg put out a pretty decent piece yesterday on how to rent out your vacation rental house. There are fixes to the contract so that you don’t end up getting a wild bunch of partying college students trashing the place, like adding a maximum number of occupants and levying a tax of sorts if they don’t treat your pad right. The post covers issues like insurance (does yours cover renters who ding the place up?), contracts, marketing and manners. The business of vacation rentals is up quite a bit, they report, in part because many folks can’t sell their properties, and are opting to rent them instead. Competition is getting fiercer in this arena.

As frequent renters, we personally appreciate guides to local sites and shopping, and the last place we stayed had a marked-up county map that we used the whole time.

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