Sleep under the Stars in this Olivebridge Cottage, $315,000

  |  September 24, 2015
3433 route 28a olivebridge ny

Sure, $300,000 could probably get you something cheaper than this two-bedroom cottage near the Ashokan Reservoir, but if you’ve got some scratch to drop on a second home in the Hudson Valley, it’s worth a look. No rambling, high-maintenance farmhouse here, which makes it ideal as a vacation property. The interior offers 1100 square feet, open floor plan, modern kitchen, wood stove, passive solar heating, and skylights in the upstairs bedrooms, perfect for late-night stargazing from the comfort of your own bed. Outside, you’ll be in complete seclusion even as you sip your caffeinated beverage of choice while lounging on the back deck on a crisp autumn morning. Sounds like a piece of heaven on the Ashokan. Includes 3 acres of private land and a storage shed for your odds and ends. 

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3433 Route 28a, Olivebridge (Lawrence O’Toole Realty)   

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