Stay in a Germantown Chalet for $370/night

  |  December 16, 2014
germantown chalet

It might be a bit too early to start looking at rentals with pools, but we happen to come across this chalet rental in Germantown complete with its own indoor pool and hot tub. That’s pretty much all we needed to hear to pique our interest. The rest of the rental is pretty nice, too, and includes a living room fireplace, balcony overlooking the Hudson River, and 23 acres of land for added privacy. Minimum stay is 3 nights, and while the one-bedroom house sleeps 4 guests, we see this as an ideal romantic getaway just for two. Lots to do in the surrounding area, too, including wineries, farms, snowshoeing trails, and it’s less than 45 minutes to both Hunter and Windham Mountains. Hudson is 10 minutes away, and the hamlet of Germantown is about 5 minutes to the south of the property.

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Chalet Rental on Sunset Circle, Germantown (VRBO)

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