Stay in a Woodstock Mid-Mod for $260/night

  |  November 25, 2014
woodstock mid mod rental

We know it’s bordering on cliche – if not completely so – to make a Mad Men comparison every time we see a sleek mid-mod. But at the same time, we can totally picture Don Draper sitting on the sofa in the living room of this rental in Woodstock, smoke from his ubiquitous cigarette swirling like a ghostly specter around his perfectly-coiffed hair. That’s it. That’s the only Mad Men reference we will be making this week, and that’s an Upstater Guarantee. Besides, it’s 2014, so leave your filthy cancer sticks at home while you enjoy a stay at the Bridge House located just minutes from Woodstock and Phoenicia. The house is stunning, and the grounds are just as nice, with the Little Beaverkill burbling away beyond the back deck. Furnishings by the likes of Eames, McCobb, and Risom to complete the retro look of it all. Accommodates 5 guests in 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Lots of availability through the winter. Peep the details here on the manager’s website, and book on Home Away.

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