Straw Bale Goes Modern

  |  September 16, 2013

Our friends over at Chronogram have a story that will inspire some of you who go in for green building but still want your house to grace the pages of Dwell. It’s a modern straw bale house in Bearsville, built by a grandmother next door to her grandkids.

Lest you confuse green with affordable, here’s what the grandmother has to say: “I could never have gotten a permit to build a McMansion here, and that’s the opposite of my taste, but for what this ended up costing, I could have had something like that.”

Not cheap, but it sure is nice: “In Obaasan’s cottage, Johnson amplifies that “built-to-last” vibe with quality woodwork such as pocket doors and custom-built rot-resistant mahogany windows. The countertops in the bathroom and island kitchen, which faces the 280-square-foot porch, were made on the premises from cast concrete. The premium Toto toilet, with water jets, is in a separate enclosure from the updated Japanese style bath, comprised of a spacious stall shower opposite a soaking tub.”

The pictures will speak for themselves. More of them after the jump. 

straw_bale_bearsville5 Home__DSC5036.1 straw_bale_bearsville3 straw_bale_bearsville2


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