Stylish and Spacious Log Cabin in Columbia County, $249,770

  |  February 26, 2018

This Columbia County log cabin takes the notion of a rustic hideaway and adds a splash of understated style.

With cathedral ceilings and a second floor loft, this cottage isn’t your average little cabin in the woods. In fact, the 2008-constructed house could almost be considered Minimalist…if Minimalism allowed for knotty pine. Oh wait. Turns out, it does.

So, what, exactly, does a Minimalist log cabin look like? If we were left in charge of defining it, we would say something like, “If Minimalism took a walk a woods and, afterward, decided that maybe it would be okay to turn their Minimalism down a few notches.” Knotty pine takes the Spartan (and, one might argue, frosty) nature of Minimalism and grounds it with woodsy warmth. And, that’s exactly what we dig about this property.


Includes three bedrooms, two baths, living room wood stove, lots of natural lights, wrap-around deck, and two-car garage. While some log cabin homes are quite aggressive in their log-cabin-y-ness with rounded logs both inside and out, this house offers a more toned-down version of this concept with flattened edges on the interior. We like this look a lot.

Situated at the end of a cul-de-sac in northeastern Columbia County, just over the border from Massachusetts. Not sure what that means in terms of privacy? Allow us to elucidate you:

In other words, plan to set up your drum kit and invite your friends over to jam. Nobody is around to hear you.

Although the 5.3 acre property enjoys seclusion by the boatload, it is within a subdivision with $54-per-month maintenance fees. Still, with the affordable price and the location close to outdoor recreation opportunities, this log cabin is a winner in our book.

Does this Columbia County log cabin speak to you and your desire for rustic Minimalism? Find out more about 241 Covenant Circle #21, New Lebanon from NYS MLS.


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