Take Your Pup to Kingston (and where else?)

  |  November 21, 2014
kingston chronogram

Wall Street, uptown Kingston. From Chronogram

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie from way back in June: GoPetFriendly.com suggested in their blog that you should visit Kingston with your furry best friend. And by gum, they are right. Much of the historic districts in Kingston are fairly walkable, not to mention parks and public places like the waterfront park on the Rondout Creek (downtown) or Forsyth Park (uptown). They do point out, however, that many businesses around these parts have “No Pets” policies in place, but as luck would have it, the website has a handy-dandy restaurant finder that lists pet-friendly establishments. We can’t  vouch for how frequently they update that list, so best to call ahead first. Our picks for pet-friendly towns in the Hudson Valley, you ask? Right off the tops of our heads, we’re thinking Woodstock, Rhinebeck, and Hudson, but there must be more. Care to let us in on your favorite pup/kitty/ferret-friendly establishments?

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