Ten Months Later: Delhi Cottage + Ono Keepsake, $79,900

  |  February 6, 2015

When we first highlighted this home back in March, the property was going for $149,000, and our big Nugget of Real Estate Wisdom at the time was that the gloomy photos included with the listing would not help much in getting the house sold. Surprise surprise, ten months later and 81 Delaware is still on the market. We would like to point out that the quality of the pictures has improved considerably. Coincidence? Maybe. All gloating aside, it’s about time this unique three bedroom cottage received the love and attention it so clearly deserves. If you can tolerate the slight flood risk, you can prepare your meals from now until the end of time in one of the funkiest little kitchens we have seen in a while. You can also boast to all your friends at the local pub that you are now the proud owner of Yoko Ono’s old stained glass window.

Delhi5 Delhi4 Delhi3

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Where were we? Oh right –

Delhi2 Delhi1

Beds: 3

Baths: 1

Square Feet: 1,010

Lot Size: 1.1 acres

Taxes: $66/month

81 Delaware Avenue, Delhi (Century 21- Chesser) GMAP

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