The Best Street in Catskill, NY?

  |  September 5, 2012

A block party isn’t necessarily newsworthy, but in the case of Willis Avenue, in Catskill, NY, local papers found a fete worth mentioning. That’s because every resident of the street — quiet, kid-friendly, dead-end and next to the local elementary school — decided to get to know one another.

Is this the best place to live in Catskill? The prices are good. Although there’s nothing for sale there right now, houses are estimated at less than $150,000 (a three-bed, 1.5-bath home sold last year for $133,900). You’re in the land of split-level ranch and such in this particular part of Catskill. If that’s what you’re looking for, and you want to be in town, this might be the spot for you. You just have to wait for some of these neighbor-loving residents to decide to sell.

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