The Burgeoning Businesses of Newburgh

  |  November 26, 2013
Photo from Newburgh Restoration

Photo from Newburgh Restoration

Newburgh was once a throbbing hub of industrial activity, but, like many rust belt cities, its manufacturing sector was depleted beginning in the middle of the last century. Left behind were industrial spaces, ripe for reuse. They tend to sell or rent for between $1.50 and $2.00 per square foot (cue “sound” of jaw dropping), and many of them are now inhabited by artists and artisans.

Tenants include a book bindery, Hudson River BinderyAtlas Industries, a hand-made furniture company; Sigunik Studio, which creates “interiors, furniture, and functional objects clad exclusively in handmade Pergamena parchment”; American Icon, a screenprinting operation (read more about them on Newburgh Restoration); and Motorcyclepedia, a motorcycle museum that also doubled as a soundstage for a movie which recently shot there. And one must not forget Newburgh Brewing Company, which has done a lot to increase tourism in Newburgh and to function as a social center for people who love community, good beer and great river views. Also: juice bars, fitness studios, record stores!

There are far too many great operations for us to include, so your best source for information about Newburgh businesses is Newburgh Restoration’s business category.


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