The Catskills in 2:20

  |  January 8, 2014
catskill video

Click here to see the video.

Got two minutes? Then you have time to check out the new video by the Catskills Association for Tourism Services (CATS), touting all of the fun adventures you can have by visiting the Catskills. We admit, it looks pretty enticing. The video covers snow boarding, zip lining, antiquing, fishing, camping, drinking, eating, the works. According to the CATS press release promoting the video, the purpose of it is to provide “a testimonial to the wonderful things to see and do in the Catskills region,” said Jim Thomson, CATS VP and Tourism Director for Delaware County Chamber of Commerce. “We have so much to offer visitors and this video is an excellent way to market the region in a very visual way.” Did they leave anything out? Watch the video.

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