The Mysteries of Real Estate Photos

  |  April 18, 2013
An uncommunicative photo from a nice-looking house

An uncommunicative photo from a nice-looking house

This phrase came up earlier in the week, as we looked at a house that could be, possibly, full of potential. Only issue: the photos revealed nothing. They were dark, out of focus and too zoomed in to tell.

We’ve heard from realtors about the reasons why so many of the photos of upstate New York houses for sale are, to put it politely, less communicative than they could be. Some speculate that they don’t really want visitors to the house — perhaps the owner has a seller in mind, or hopes to sell it inexpensively to a friend or family member. It’s a way of keeping throngs of non-serious buyers from showing up. What other reasons could there be?

In some ways, we appreciate that there are few photos overselling properties. So many times we’ve shown up at a house on the market that looked so good in 2D, only to find that the real thing in no way compared. But our feeling is that slightly better photos would increase the enthusiasm all around. The more drool you can inspire, the more potential for more of us upstate New York lovers.

And if you’re looking for jobs in upstate New York, why not make yourself the go-to real estate photographer? It seems there is really a need for one.

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