The Palenville Castle: Still for Sale

  |  July 24, 2013
palenville castle

We first looked at this 9,400 square foot castle over a year ago, when it was $1.5 million. The price came down to $959,000, where it has stayed. The interior is surprisingly soothing — not the imposing, cold feel that one could imagine from the stone facade. Beautiful ocular windows, terrific grounds, and the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in some of New York’s tonier neighborhoods. It’s on 23A, not the quietest of roads, though by no means a highway. Perhaps that accounts for its time on the market? Or is it just that folks are a bit intimidated by all that rock? Or maybe because it’s a former schoolhouse? Or maybe because it’s listed as having only 2 bedrooms but five baths? Still seems good to us. Listed by Westwood Metes & Bounds. See more photos below.

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