This Renovated Saltbox South of Hudson is Just Right, $239,000

  |  September 1, 2015
173 middle road hudson ny

You know what we love about Hudson? Lots of things, but real estate prices aren’t among them. What we do love about Hudson, though, is that if you’re willing to look beyond the hub of Warren Street and out into nearby areas, the listing prices start creeping downward. Take this renovated saltbox, for example. Goldilocks would love this place: It’s a good size at 1600 sq.ft., not too small but not too big; it includes a solid acre of land, not so much that upkeep is a pain, but not so little that you can’t enjoy some elbow room outside; and, the interior has some cool details, such as the brick hearth wood stove in the room off the dining room, wood floors in a good portion of the house, little built-in shelves, a splash of exposed brick in one of the bathrooms, and a yard so pretty we’re plotzing. But what about mountain views? Oh they’re there. They’re distant, but we can see them, and we’ll take it.

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173 Middle Road, Hudson (Hudson Town and Country Realty)

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