This Saugerties/Woodstock Petite Farmhouse is a Class Act, $225,000

  |  September 9, 2015
1231 church road saugerties ny5

Woodstock or Saugerties? The debate rages on. Okay, it’s not really a raging debate. More of a thoughtful inquiring into which of these towns we like better. The jury’s still out, but luckily, with this cupcake of a farmhouse, we don’t have to decide today. It’s located west of Saugerties village, about 15 mins. away, and about 10 mins. from “Der Schtock,” (as our friend/contributor Abbe Aronson is wont to say) and features a lime-green living room, plank flooring, and a seemingly-very personalized staircase to the second floor bedrooms. Includes a divine retro kitchen, bluestone foundation, new boiler & water heater, and a respectable 1.5 acre lot size. Sure, this would be great for a second home owner, but locals would be nuts not jump on this. Got kids? Send them to Woodstock Day School, 4 mins. away.

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1231 Church Road, Saugerties (Century 21)

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