This Week on Upstater: It’s (Almost) Slopes Time

  |  November 9, 2015

With temperatures hovering near  “downright balmy for November” on the thermometer, it’s hard to think that ski/snowboarding season is but weeks away. Well, it’s not hard if you’re a hardcore winter sports enthusiast because, chances are, you’ve been planning for it all year long. Does that mean you have to go all the way to Vermont or New Hampshire to catch some fluffy fresh snow? Heck no. The Catskills and Hudson Valley have plenty of skiing/snowboarding mountains, not to mention cross-country skiing and snow tubing galore, so stick close to home for your winter fun. Speaking of sticking close to home, let’s check out the real estate offerings around the slopes this week, just in case you feel like sticking around for the season. Stay tuned…


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