Two Greek Revival Farmhouses, Two Different Prices

One of the great things about Hillsdale is the variety of home prices. Just about everything on the market here is inviting, and you can spend $200K or two million, whichever suits you.

We spied these two compelling Greek revival farmhouses that looked pretty similar on paper and in pictures: about the same size, though the less expensive one has three beds and the more expensive has two.

478 Route 21 in Hillsdale is the three-bed, with two baths, 1,853 square feet and built in 1780. (Excuse the tiny photo — it’s all they had.) It has an adorable studio and sits on eight acres. The only thing we can make of the price — $245,000 — is that it’s right on Route 21, but that’s not the main drag of Route 23; it must simply be set too close to the road to fetch a premium price.

We still think it’s worth a look — you certainly can’t get a good enough sense of it from these tiny pictures! GMAP.


So why is 123 Taconic Creek Road, which has only two beds and 1,754 square feet, set at $750,000? For one thing, instead of code words like “charming,” it has name brands: Sub-zero and Viking. This place has undergone a major renovation, and now has all the comforts of a chef’s kitchen, meshed with original woodwork; it’s what a lot of folks are looking for.

This one was also built in 1780, and, indeed, it does have a beautiful kitchen. We’re not so sure about the key lime paint in the parlor, but that’s fixable. Very nicely located on a quiet street, just close enough to the Taconic. GMAP.


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