Upstate House Is Here!

  |  July 10, 2013

We say Upstate House — the lovely and glossy shelter magazine dedicated to upstate living — is here because it has been relaunched after a dormant period and is on newsstands, and on the web, right now.

But it’s also here, as in on this website, because Upstater is now the online home of the magazine. You’ll find interspersed with our regular coverage profiles of illustrious upstaters, delectable images of their homes, insider knowledge of great home grown products and must-visit shops.

Upstate House, if you haven’t had the privilege yet of perusing it, was launched in 2003 as “A magazine devoted to design, sustainability, and to all things house-related, but most importantly, it was devoted to the sensibility of those who love living here,” writes editor Amara Projansky. “We who love our funky houses; and we who guard the locations our favorite hikes, foraging grounds, and swimming holes; but mostly for those of us who want to live here more than anywhere. Eventually UH was sold, shifted in content and went dark. Luckily, Luminary Publishing, which owns both Chronogram and Upstater, bought it back and here it is, reborn to reflect the new realities but also the continually blossoming love for the Hudson Valley, and for the architecture that helps define it. “This season may be the beginning of a more optimistic era,” she writes. The stories in Upstate House, “focus on the romance that arises between house and dweller—the unique relationship that adds meaning to a purchase.”


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