Upstater Destinations: Mower’s Flea Market, Woodstock

  |  June 6, 2013
woodstock flea market

Via the Woodstock Flea Market blog

We’ve made no secret of our love of flea markets here at Upstater HQ. Now that summer is upon us, markets are popping up all over the place like daisies, and we’re excited. One of our favorites in the area is Mower’s Flea Market in Woodstock, located in a mostly shaded field on Maple Lane, right behind Bread Alone. Mower’s has been there for ages, 36 seasons, to be exact. Every Saturday and Sunday from May until November’s first snow flurry, the 2-acre field is packed with vendors, artists, jewelry makers, gardeners, vintage clothing mongers, and even pickle hawkers, all plying their wares to eager market-goers. Even if you don’t spend a dime, Mower’s is still a good time. People watching opportunities abound, and since a good portion of the market is beneath tree shade, you probably won’t swelter too hard.

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This year, as an added bonus, Mower’s is open every Wednesday in July and August. Bring cash and your deal-finding eyes. Pop over to Maria’s Bazaar across the street before the market and grab yourself an egg sandwich for fortification. Interested in learning more about Mower’s Market? Check out their website, which includes a brochure, although their vendor information pages are looking a little Spartan right now. There’s even a blog about the market with lots of great photos from days gone by. See you there!

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Photo via Mower’s Market website


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