Upstater Destinations: Roxbury Arts Group Events

  |  April 26, 2012

The Roxbury Arts Group (RAG) provides performances and art exhibitions across three Delaware County venues: Roxbury, Stamford, and the Denver Vega Valley. They also hold a number of workshops and classes throughout the year. For kids, the RAG offers lots of dance classes, like ballet, hip hop, and creative movement. Adults can take dance classes, too. Yoga at the Barre, belly-dancing, and Bollywood-style dancing classes are open to ages 14 and up. Have a look at the class descriptions and schedule.

The first Friday of the month is open mic night at the RAG venue in Stamford (76 Main! Coffee house), and a writers’ group meets on the first Monday of the month to bounce story ideas off of each other and present new works.

Lots of movies and performances are coming up at RAG, too, and many are free. The Stamford venue is showing three movies in May. The Vanishing of the Bees is showing on May 3, What’s On Your Plate? on May 10, and Tapped on May 17. Admission is free for all three.

There are events taking place at the Roxbury Arts Center on Vega Mountain Road, as well, and the center has its own gallery, which is open by appointment. The RAG also has a number of calls for submissions listed on Roxbury’s official website.

The RAG rents their space for private parties and events. Check out the brochure. The space is pretty, the setting is certainly bucolic, and the price is affordable. Looks like an ideal place to have an upstate NY wedding.

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