Urbanites Can Now Get Their Catskills Fix 6 Different Ways

  |  March 27, 2015
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Our humble real estate-obsessed blog got a little shout-out from the Watershed Post yesterday. Upstater is amongst a crop of up-and-coming publications about the Catskills geared toward downstaters and potential upstate transplants. Other Cats-related sites and journals include Upstate Diary, DV8, And North, and Catskill Made. Although these ones are fairly new, Upstater has been around for several years now, spreading the gospel of the Catskills and Hudson Valley to any and all who will listen. Now, we’re about to embark on an adventure into the world of print publications (yes, an actual something you can hold in your hand) which will be distributed in NYC, focusing on the Catskills housing market, set to launch this summer. Find out more about that here. Meanwhile, we’ll keep showing you the coolest, prettiest, niftiest properties this side of the Adirondacks. Or this side of the Tappen Zee. Or this side of the Berkshires. Or this side of Albany. You get the picture.

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