This Week on Upstater: Welcome to Festival Season in the Hudson Valley & Catskills!

  |  April 25, 2016
cupcake festival gardiner

Cupcake Festival, Gardiner. Via

We love Festival Season in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, and no amount of crotchety cynicism about crowds or parking will deter our affections. And, now that spring is officially in full swing, the festivals are coming, and it’s a safe bet that most weekends during the summer, somewhere in the mountains or valley, there will be a festival happening for you to enjoy to your heart’s (and often belly’s) content.

Communities like Kingston, Saugerties, Gardiner, Athens, East Durham, Hunter, and Woodstock, just to name a few, are known for their crowd-drawing festivals and outdoor events, and it’s one of the reasons we love living in this area. Festivals are a penny-pincher’s dream (barring some music festivals with high ticket prices), since many are free and those that do charge admission don’t charge much. Last time we checked, people-watching and soaking up some Vitamin D doesn’t cost a penny. And, so many vendors at these festivals are locals. Why not spend some dough on the small businesses that make things like outdoor festivals a possibility in the first place?

So, this week, in celebration of Festival Season’s kick-off, let’s explore some of the real estate around festival towns in the Upstater area. Looking to live close to the action? Then this is your week to take a look at the On the Market listings we’ll be featuring throughout the week. Stay tuned…



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