Weekend In This Cozy Attic in Bloomville Where Dining is Just a Flight of Stairs Away

  |  April 28, 2016

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Whole Attic Above Table on Ten via airbnb

Price/Night: $135

Accommodations: Private Room

Max Guests: 2

Min Stay: 2 nights

What’s better than holing up for the weekend in a delightfully cozy, impeccably decorated studio that’s flooded with sunlight and boasts a to-die-for vintage bathtub? Holing up in one that sits on top of a cafe of course! And not just any cafe, but a locally sourced cafe that holds pizza nights on Fridays and Saturdays and produces some of the best pies you’ll ever sink your teeth into. We’re talking about Table on Ten in Bloomville to be clear.

This rural chic community hub is pretty much the epitome of home-town hospitality. The room available to rent is an attic in an old farmhouse after all, but what it lacks in physical size it makes up for in warm and fuzzies. Those are a thing right? The room is equipped with a pretty hefty collection of records and books and the rustic elegance reminds us, once again, why you just can’t beat Upstate New York. Not to mention the fact that the smells from below would probably be reason enough to stay here. Escape for a weekend of home-town living, filling up on savory pies and wood-fired pizza, and you may be relocating to Bloomville permanently.

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