Your Weekend is the New Bali

  |  February 16, 2015

The Hudson Valley Bali House

Price/night: $350
Accommodations: Full house, 3 bedrooms
Max guests: 8
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
Bali and Rosendale: two locales we would have never clumped together in a sentence, until now. Now that we have seen this amazing rental, we will drive past The Big Cheese on Main Street, and images of airy villas, lush breadfruit trees, and frangipani flowers will appear in our minds and it will take a good fifteen minutes to figure out why. Finally, we will remember Piotr and Kay’s Indonesian-inspired retreat located right down the road, and we’ll sigh as we imagine setting off for a weekend in paradise – no tetanus shots required. We’re quite certain that we’re not the only ones picturing ourselves spending a weekend under the exquisite terra cotta and wood rooftops of the Bali House, so we would suggest scheduling your getaway to this luxurious local retreat ASAP!

Sample reviews:

“Piotr & Kay have a beautiful home and are generous enough to share it those who would appreciate its beauty. My now husband and I rented it for our wedding weekend and couldn’t more thrilled and intrigued by this home’s beauty. It was the absolute perfect setting for a relaxing weekend away from the city. Even though we were completely stressed out while trying to pull off the perfect wedding, the Bali house took away any anxiety we had, well before we even set foot in the house. The long and winding, private driveway set us at ease. They were gracious, kind, and caring hosts. We plan on coming back every year for our anniversary to enjoy the peace and nature that Bali house provides. Thank you so much Piotr and Kay for opening your home to us. We will never forget the time we had there. You helped make it the most memorable weekend of our lives. We still can’t get over how perfect the house was. Thank you again so much!”

“The Bali House Retreat was absolutely spectacular. Everything about the house inside and out is gorgeous. I rented the house with 3 college friends and our boyfriends for a relaxing weekend retreat from NYC. Although the weather did not cooperate (it poured all Saturday) ruining our chances for a great hike at the Mohonk Preserves, we had the best time staying inside this beautiful home, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the view. In addition to a beautiful house, P&K were wonderful and accommodating hosts. They met us the night of check in (even though we were 2 hours late thanks to a roadblock to the Lincoln tunnel) to show us around and offer suggestions. I cannot wait to return next summer.”

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