What Does New York State Smell Like?

  |  March 13, 2013

We ask because we were at an event last night for New York tourism, which included guests from all our most treasured counties (Delaware and Sullivan were in the house, among others) and a sampling of a NY-booster perfume called, yes, “I Love New York.”

What do they smell like? Well, we’re not the ones to ask — we’ve been wearing the same $2 bottles of Egyptian musk purchased on the street in the Fulton Mall for two decades. To us, it smells like perfume. But we like the idea of trying to bottle the best parts of New York (minus the stale urine and smog of downstate). We’re thinking pine, wood smoke, honeysuckle, just the tiniest bit of industrial waste buried underground for a few decades since the decline of manufacturing. Any other suggestions?

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