What Should Sullivan County’s Image Be?

  |  April 5, 2013
Jeffersonville, NY/from the Upstater Flickr pool

Jeffersonville, NY/from the Upstater Flickr pool

Actually, the real question is: does Sullivan County have an image? The answer, according to Mark Waterhouse, president of Garnet Consulting Services, Inc., in Pleasant Valley, CT, is no, not yet. “You need a very clear marketing message,” he told county legislators, officials and local business folk earlier this week, who have hired him to help them attract business to the area. For that, he says, outsiders must have a singular vision of what the area offers.

“Participants in the roundtable were asked to list their personal top 10 priorities to define the right kind of image, from a list of 32 points a consulting group put together based on prior input,” writes Mid-Hudson News.

Broadband and cellular service in rural areas topped the list. While some do enjoy the unplugged-ness of the area, most would agree that infrastructural changes can only help. “Other high-scoring responses included maintaining tourism as a major economic focus, coordinating arts, culture, history and recreation sectors as part of economic development, and create and train a defined county economic development leadership structure in one principal agency.”

When you guys think of Sullivan County, what comes to mind?

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