Your Next Catskills Business Venture: “Artisanal Firewood”

  |  September 22, 2015
fire wood

Before you go looking for Smoke & Flame, an alleged “artisanal” firewood company based in Canada in the hopes of ordering a $1000 bundle of hand-curated kindling for your kids’ next private school bonfire/interpretive dance performance, just know that this CBC Radio video featuring woodmonger Jesse Horn is satire. It ain’t real. But it’s a humorous poke at bespoke hipsterism. It also happens to be our pick for the next big cottage industry based in the Catskill Mountains. Our spin would be that the firewood isn’t actually wood at all but a sustainable, organic material that burns clean and, since it’s not made from trees, eliminates the need for lumber. That’s right: The first non-wood firewood. Catskills artisans, we’re looking at you. Can you get on this, please? 

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