A Shack to Call Your Own, $190,000

  |  June 1, 2011

If an old Upstate New York farmhouse seems intimidating in size and price, Upstater has another suggestion. Catskill Farms, a Sullivan County-based builder (actually, a former New Yorker, absconded after 9/11),  creates what he calls “new old houses,” inspired by American vernacular architecture. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are quite beautiful, full of light and have the appearance of something sturdy and liveable and homey and architecturally simple and just a little sleek. I likes.

But the one that caught my eye was Shack 2, the “single most revolutionary concept in housing to hit the region ever,” goes their humble copywriting. “How’s that for hyperbole?  Hopefully we can sell these for $150k.” I’m not sure where the $190,000 figure came from–more hoping, I guess. The shacks have one bed, one bath, 500 square feet and a bit of land.

I’m really digging the vibe and attitude of Catskill Farms’ website–it comes across as extremely above board, casual and yet professional. I especially like this: “Catskill Farms pays for EVERYTHING until the home is finished.  Our buyers purchase a finished home from us – we build their custom home on our dime and deliver it finished.”

If a shack is too small for your Upstate New York second home, or you’ve got a taste for something more modern, check out the mid-century-inspired ranch.

Has anyone checked out these houses before? The builder says they’re the only houses that look better in person than on a website!

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