Pine Lake Park

Pine Lake Park, an 85-year old bungalow community with 60 units on 50 wooded acres around a healthy lake, may be one of the last bargains to be had in the Lower Hudson valley. It's a vibrant, bucolic place, full of interesting people from diverse backgrounds who play tennis and pickup basketball, fish, hike, bike, push kids on a swing, and relax, from May to October each year. Pine Lake is looking for a few new people to join the community; first as renters and then hopefully as owners of their own 1-3 bedroom unit with deck in the woods. Most units are under 100K and offer seller (non-bank) financing. Rentals start at $2K/month or $8K for the season (Memorial Day to early October). And it’s under 50 minutes from Grand Central and an hour from anywhere in the NY/NJ Metro Area. Contact Michelle at Visits by appointment only. Visit our blog to see available units, images and short film.

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