An Ivy-Bearded Beauty in Catskill for $485K

  |  December 7, 2023

The East Side Historic District of Catskill contains vintage townhouses that are currently a mix of residences and businesses.

Today, Upstater is visiting an ivy-bearded beauty that’s currently a home base for businesses, but could easily be converted to its original, single-family iteration. Built in 1800, it needs some scrubbing, but the painted-brick facade (or what you can see of it, peeking from the greenery) appears to be in good shape.

The entry has double doors topped with an arched transom; a white-painted staircase leads upstairs and down.

The parlor has a three-bay window and high ceilings. The industrial-type carpeting can be replaced.

This marble fireplace with intricate inlays is spectacular.

A more rustic fireplace, with white brick and a copper hood, is in the living room. This room—on the lower level—has a wood floor, and most likely was the kitchen with a cooking fireplace when the home was first built.

That staircase winds its way upstairs. It would be a lot of work, but we’d love to see that banister without that thick layer of paint.

This room is bright, thanks to the triple-bay window. A vintage heater snakes its way underneath it.

This room on the lower level has a similar window.

This smaller room is tiny but functional.

There’s a private deck on one of the upper floors, too.

Here’s a view of the house without its “facial hair.” Now you can see the dentil molding above the windows and the doorway. The roofline has some impressive details, as its neighboring townhomes do, too. This is a great opportunity to take a vintage property and really make something beautiful out of it.

The backyard is spare, but there are multiple outdoor decks (and a blooming magnolia tree in the warmer months), and coveted off-street parking. The property is teeny—just 0.04 acres—but its location at the south end of Catskill Village is close to amenities like the Catskill Creek and Main Street’s restaurants and shops.

If this 2,376-square-foot townhouse brings out the brownstone-like cravings in you, find out more about 283 Main Street, Catskill, from Nan Potter and Bill Slutzky of Potter Realty.

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