And Now for Something Completely Different*

  |  February 23, 2015
john cleeese

*Otherwise known as Unusual Properties Week. Every day, we comb through dozens of real estate listings all over the Upstater coverage area. Sometimes those properties are easily categorized, like, for example, Victorians. Or Mid-Century Moderns. Or A-Frames. However, some properties aren’t so easily categorized, or they’re one-of-a-kind and there simply aren’t enough like them to create an entire week’s theme out of them. And heaven knows we love a theme, so this week, we’re posting from an assorted grab bag packed with a variety of interesting, perhaps even unusual properties. These could include anything from architect-designed abodes with features you can’t find anywhere else, to properties that include one unique aspect that we can’t ignore, to straight-up weirdo living spaces (we use the term “weirdo” in the best possible way; we’re all weirdos around here) that deviate from the usual 2-story 3 bed/2 bath situation. Are you ready for something completely different? Stay tuned…

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