Best Buy Week, Kingston Edition

  |  November 19, 2012

Since it’s a short week, we’ve decided to do what most of our readers want us to do, which is tell them where they  should live. What city, they want to know, has the best housing stock, the best culture, the best transportation, the best nature, low taxes and really good schools?

Please don’t stop reading when we tell you that such a place does not exist. You can get the great housing stock and low taxes, but probably not the culture and the stellar schools. You gotta give somewhere.

So, if you’re willing to give on schools, and accept the bus instead of the train (although Amtrak is only a 20-minute drive across the river), and, well, maybe the taxes, we’re going to steer you toward Kingston this week. (Other Best Buy towns coming soon). Okay, sure, the city it loaded with problems — underfunded schools, hospitals closing, sinkholes erupting — but it scores high on culture, price and housing stock, which is some version of a trifecta. We recently met with some folks who are redeveloping the waterfront, and we think good things are on the horizon. Hopefully.

So get ready for some eye-poppers this week. And if you have anything to share with your fellow Upstater readers about Kingston, please do.

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