China City in Sullivan County

  |  December 5, 2013
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In case the transformation of the Kutsher’s property into a wellness retreat or the advent of casinos don’t create enough economic development, here’s an idea: a “’Chinese Disneyland’ in the Catskills — which would include an amusement park, huge mansions and a ‘Forbidden City’ laid out according to the principles of Feng Shui.”

That’s what the New York Post is reporting, courtesy of Long Island businesswoman Sherry Li. China City of America “would feel like a trip to China just 90 miles outside New York city, as one area would mark parts of the Chinese Zodiac while another would have 16 buildings representing the major Chinese dynasties,” writes the Post. Each dynasty will have theme park rides to go with it, and the city would include “a college, 1,000 residences, a Chinese-themed retail center and possibly a casino.”

All this for the 15,000 person town of Thompson. Needless to say, residents are a bit wary.

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