Family-Friendly Victorian in the ‘Burbs of Peekskill, $399,000

  |  March 23, 2016
193 tate ave buchanan ny

Looks almost perfect, right? The white picket fence, the beautifully-landscaped backyard, the attractive, tree-lined neighborhood. It all seems to fall into place with this Victorian in the hamlet (more of a neighborhood, really) of Buchanan. While $400-large might be more than we would normally spend, for Westchester County, it’s affordable. The interior doesn’t disappoint with 1600 square feet and 3 beds/2 baths. And, the backyard is just the kind of place we’d love to sit in the shade on a summer’s day.

But, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Indian Point is practically next door neighbors with this house. You can learn the latest on the controversies surrounding the plant here in a recent article from Meanwhile, a proposed Algonquin Pipeline expansion is stirring things up in Peekskill, given how close the expansion would brush with Indian Point’s infrastructure. These are all real-talk issues that come into play when considering a home purchase, but we know you know that. You are super-smart and have excellent taste in houses, just like us.

The estimated property taxes for this property are approx. $6200/year.

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193 Tate Avenue, Buchanan (Sotheby’s)

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