For Sale: Main Street, Germantown

  |  July 26, 2011
For Sale: Main Street, Germantown

There are quite a few properties for sale along Main Street in Germantown, including what looks like a lovely carriage house a few doors down from Otto’s, and a super cool live/work industrial building. They range from $229,900 to $460,000 and are all pretty darn cool (I’ll go into detail of each in forthcoming posts). Despite the name, Main Street is not particularly busy–the stretch of it west of 9G is very quiet– and though these are small city lots, close to the road, some of them abut big stretches of field so don’t feel too urban.

Possibilities abound here: a few nice live/work spaces, an opportunity for several friends to buy places right near each other, or a slow transition for a city person into country life.

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