For Xmas: This Tannersville Getaway?

  |  December 21, 2012

So, lots of realty places are preparing for the snoozy season in upstate New York right now. But those of us who have been quietly planning to purchase a piece of property upstate would be smart to pounce while the iron is cold, especially if you’re had your eye on something for a while.

For Xmas: This Tannersville Getaway?

Well, we here at Upstater headquarters still haven’t found the perfect place, the right size and price and location, close enough to family but not right snug against them. So we widened our search a bit for something with land, a pool, room for guests and up popped this interesting pad in Tannersville. Tannersville is a nice spot not just because it has a cute little downtown and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and skiing (global warming and snow machines permitting), but because it has a tourist economy and places there are rentable. That is, if you have enough of a stand-out property to hold it above the fray.

We think 868 Route 25, Tannersville could be that spot, especially if you promote those pictures of the gardens. The landscaping is beautiful, and it has 14 acres on which to roam.  Five beds, 2 full and 2 half-baths, 3,100 square feet, a pool and a cute little guest house (regular reader know just what suckers we are for those). The price: $595,000 — $54,000 less than when it was listed in July.

 868 Route 25, Tannersville. Sotheby’s. GMAP.

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