Historic 19th-Century Farmhouse in New Paltz, $410,000

  |  October 26, 2015
112 mountain rest rd new paltz ny

We love the history of New Paltz in Ulster County, particularly its ties with the French Huguenots, who settled in the area now (aptly-named) Huguenot Street in the village. The historic site bordered to the west by the Wallkill River consists of a cluster of 18th and 19th century stone houses, a cemetery, chapel, and barns, as well as its own fair share of ghost stories. One of the original Huguenot Street denizens, Gertrude Deyo, is said to haunt the Deyo Mansion, according to one legend. Other ghostly Huguenot tales involve a “death coach,” bones unearthed in a basement, and a murder/suicide. And what’s spookier than a graveyard with some graves dating back to the late 17th century? Every Halloween, Haunted Huguenot Street takes visitors on a spooky tour of all these places, and if this kind of thing is up your dark, creepy alley, check it out.

Meanwhile, any town with a history is also a town with ghosts, so who knows if there’s one living in this c.1825 former grocery store-turned-elegent farmhouse? Perhaps the only apparitions of a long-ago time are all the cool historic features that have been preserved (stone walls, wooden beams, etc) living side-by-side in harmony with modern upgrades. Either way, we’d happily put up with some rambunctious spirits to live here.

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112 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz (Village Green Realty)

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