Let Us Eat Pie

  |  October 10, 2014
two old tarts

Pear tart from Two Old Tarts Bakery in Andes.

Fact: Autumn is the perfect time to eat pie. All the yummy fall fruits and squashes are in season, and we’re sinking our teeth into some fine local baked goods to celebrate. Pies are a dime a dozen up here in the country, where a farm stand every five miles can set you up with an apple or a pumpkin. But what if we want the best the local pie market has to offer? We took a bit of an informal, completely unscientific poll to find the cream of the crop around the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Here are popular recommendations for getting your pie on (listed in no particular order):

1) Tantillo’s Farm Stand in Gardiner (GMAP). The local farm market in southern Ulster County was suggested to us more than once.

2) Global Palate Restaurant in West Park (GMAP). Made to order. Their bakery menu had us at “lemon curd pie.” YES PLEASE FOREVER.

3) Me Oh My Pie Shop in Red Hook (GMAP). One of two places in Red Hook on this list.

4) Terry’s Country Bake Shop in Red Hook (GMAP). Just down the street from Me Oh My. This modest little bakery not only has great pies, but their apple cider donuts and Volcano chili are swell, as well.

5) Tivoli Bread and Baking in Tivoli (GMAP). This place is a local favorite, but they’re only open until noon.

6) Otto’s Market in Germantown (GMAP). If you’re local to Germantown and haven’t heard about Sally’s pies, time to emerge from your cave and go try one.

7) Two Old Tarts in Andes (GMAP). This is a destination spot in the Catskills, and their website’s photo gallery of their baked goods is downright food porn.

Did we leave any out? Please let us know your favorite place for pies so we can go there right this very second.

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