Lovingly Restored Castle of a Victorian in Chatham, $849,000

  |  April 22, 2015

Here at Upstater we are no strangers to getting a little carried away when it comes to describing real estate. The authors of this listings’ description, however, give us a run for our money. “Picture driving up to this elegant Victorian estate with your coach and four high stepping horses, slipping back to this gracious era, surrounded by 21 acres of gardens, streams, a carriage house, and walking paths through silent woods.” The truth is the home is almost obnoxiously beautiful, and if we could put up the money for it you bet we’d put some aside for a couple ‘high-stepping horses.’ The house features hand-painted wallpapers, marble fireplaces, a barn, and double parlors, because one is never enough (obviously). Our only question is which royal title you can put in front of your name after you buy it. That’s how that works, right?

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Bedrooms: 5

Baths: 4

Sq Footage: 4,307

Lot Size: 21

1896 County Route 9, Chatham, NY, (Postlets), GMAP

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