Mill on Millsburg in Middletown, $198,000

  |  August 24, 2015
11 millsburg middletown ny

This might be a first for us: a c.1722 grist mill, still standing, mill works included, refurbished into a private residence. If that doesn’t fill our Old House Week stipulations, we don’t know what will. The back of the property looks out of the mill stream and waterfall, and the interior has an open floor plan with ceiling beams, picture windows, stained glass skylight, and a studio/office space/work shop on the lower level. We love that the living room still has the gears and ropes that we assume remain from the home’s original incarnation. Our beef with all that? Keeping it dusted. Anyway, we were surprised to find that the house came up as a low flood risk with, but a quick internet search doesn’t tell the whole tale. Either way, we’re enamoured with the property. Located on the Indigot Creek about 15 mins. south of Middletown city, Orange County.

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11 Millsburg Road, Middletown (Better Homes/Rand Realty)

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