Octagonal Dome Home of the Week: Garrison Contemporary, $610,000

  |  November 16, 2016

You know we can’t resist a weird house, and octagonal houses are certainly unusual. In fact, they’re almost a throw-back now, which is a funny irony given that n-gonal and dome houses were once considered cutting edge and modern, a space-age advancement in human domestic technology.

This one, located in the Garrison, was built in 1985 and certainly has that 80s design sensibility (diagonal knotty wood siding, spiral stair case, open floor plan, skylights, etc.), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We like that it’s open, spacious, and flooded with light. And, we like that it’s different, that it’s an outlier in a land known for its stately Victorians and historic Colonials.

Includes 3 beds/3 baths, 2200 square feet, living room wood stove, deck, and a fabulous round sunroom that can be used even in the winter.

59 Old Highland Turnpike, Garrison (Garrison Realty Group)


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