Old Game Farm Open for Self-Guided Tours November 5th

  |  October 23, 2017
old game farm

Have you been curious about the Old Game Farm in Greene County? Formerly the Catskill Game Farm, the grounds have been virtually empty for over a decade, save the abandoned remains of the former zoo’s cages and enclosures, as well as some campers on the site’s campgrounds. However, come Sunday, November 5th, the Old Game Farm will be open to self-guided tours with pre-registration.

With approximately 150 acres with 3.5 miles of paved walkways and 130 structures, there’s lots of explore on the grounds. The Old Game Farm is requesting donations between $20-100 per person per tour in order to maintain insurance and restroom facilities, but they stress that what you donate is at your discretion.

To register for a tour, go to theoldgamefarm.com/visit/ and fill out the registration form, which will ask you to input the dates you want to visit. In addition to being open on November 5th, the game farm is available for tours during the week with advance notice.

Find out more about self-guided tours of the Old Game Farm, visit theoldgamefarm.com.

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