Poughkeepsie Two-Unit Townhouse, $169,000

  |  January 6, 2015

193 union street poughkeepsie nyPoughkeepsie gets a bum rap not only from upstaters and Hudson Valley dwellers, but from seemingly everyone else, too. Here at Upstater, we bristled just a little at these assertions, as have our friends at Chronogram. Like so many cities here in the Upstater area, Poughkeepsie has had its shares of ups and downs, but by ignoring its bright spots (like its incredible historic districts and architecture, not to mention two highly-rated colleges as well as the Walkway, one of the Hudson River’s most popular attractions) you’re discounting a huge part of the eclectic fabric of the city. Speaking of bright spots, check out this darling two-unit townhouse. Rent out one unit and live in the other two-floor unit with wood floors, big windows, and a living room fireplace. Listing indicates that it also comes with a 8-9 car parking lot, which means a little extra dough re mi for you and yours. Tiny lot size (no surprise there) but it’s on a pretty street walking distance from the train station, Bardavon Opera House, and the Chance theater. It’s also right down the street from Soul Dog, one of our favorite places to eat.

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Beds: 2

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 1040

Lot Size: .05 acres

Taxes: $3839

193 Union Street, Poughkeepsie (Rich Rundle) GMAP

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