Here’s Your Wednesday Work of Art, Located in Putnam County

  |  May 9, 2018

You made it! The week is already half over, and you’re still standing. Reward yourself by gawking at this Putnam County glass house…

Yes, we know that $4,950,000 is out of most of our price ranges. However, we can’t pass up an opportunity to show you straight-up work of art residing within the real estate listings. This glass house was built in 2007 and designed by Toshiko Mori. Her work might ring a few bells:

Brooklyn Children’s Museum rooftop pavilion

Mori’s homes dot the east coast, with more than a few of them residing in the Hudson Valley. This one is situated just south of Garrison, east-of-Hudson.

Since we’re celebrating the Great Outdoors this week, it makes perfect sense that we would include this house. Its expansive views of everything in sight – including the Hudson River – are in every inch of the 3,382-square foot interior. That’s to be expected when you live in a house with glass walls.

A Minimalist beauty with floor-to-ceiling glass requires a Minimalist lifestyle, so if you plan to plop down the $5million, you should consider de-cluttering your life. We don’t think you’re going to miss it.

But, what of privacy? We took a closer look at its physical location on Google Streetview, and for the most part, trees obscure the house from the road. We did notice, however, that the glass walls include roll-up shades. Color us relieved.

putnam county glass house

Does this Putnam County glass house have your name written all over it? Find out more about 90 Manitou Station Road, Garrison from Houlihan Lawrence.

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