This Renovated Rensselaer County Home is Listed for less than $100,000

  |  February 23, 2017

Prepare to quell over this sharp renovation up in Rensselaer County. Something to keep in mind about Rensselaer County: It’s on the east side of the Hudson River (closest train station is 40 minutes away), so if occasional trips to NYC or Westchester County are part of your life, at least you don’t have to cross a bridge to do it while taking the three-hour drive. However, as northern locales become more popular among homebuyers, we need to go even more north to mine those pockets of fabulous homes at inexpensive prices.

What this property is close to are the borders of Massachusetts and Vermont, which opens the door to places like Boston and the rest of the northeastern coast. If we were yearning for a drive to the ocean that doesn’t require taking the LEI, we would consider somewhere like eastern Rensselaer (FYI: It takes 3.5 hours to reach Portsmouth, NH from the address of this property, and the western end of Cape Cod takes about the same amount of time in the car. Whoa.)

Now, let’s look at this house. This is no Tiny Home. The c.1879 Victorian with a touch of Gothic includes 1700+ square feet, four bedrooms, two full baths, ten-foot pressed tin ceilings, and a fenced-in backyard that’s pet and child-friendly. Updates include kitchen with new counters, designer upstairs bath, new boiler, and new front porch. Taxes are around $3300/year. Enough chatter! Look at the inside!

4 Main Street, Petersburgh (Coldwell Banker)

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