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  |  November 3, 2014
Warren Street, Hudson

It’s been a while since we spent some time in the Columbia County city of Hudson. To be frank, we suffered what we’ve now started calling Hudson Fatigue after seeing article after article, listicle after listicle (and posting many, ourselves) on what’s happening in Hudson, what to drink in Hudson, and what happens when you relocate there from NYC. But the truth of the matter is, Hudson’s meteoric rise as arguable the destination in the upper Hudson Valley simply can’t be ignored. It’s got a juicy history (a once thriving den of iniquity, Hudson was basically one big red light district in the 19th and early 20th centuries) and a Cinderella story that everyone who roots for the underdog will appreciate. Like many Hudson River towns, Hudson fell into disrepair during the 60s and 70s but turned itself around in a big, hip way as an antiquing mecca. And now (for the benefit those of us who’ve been residing in caves for the past 2 decades), Hudson’s Warren Street is shoulder-to-shoulder boutiques, galleries, restaurants, fancy drink bars, fancy coffee coffee shops, spas, yoga studios, and just about everything else you can imagine. Oh, and yes, there still lots of antiques.

In spite of our cynicism, we also can’t ignore our love for the Hudson housing market. There’s so much eye-candy, and not just on Warren Street and the chi-chi-er parts of town, but also in the less gentrified areas…or do we refer to them as less “revitalized” areas? Such a fine, sticky line between those two, the difference being whether the revitalization in question has brought in additional employment to those who already live there, among other things. Anyway, the issues with Hudson’s gentrification…er, revitalization (genvitalization?) is well-documented. Plug “gentrification Hudson NY” into a Google search and let your learnin’ begin. But we digress. TL;DR, the Hudson housing market is fun to peruse. So let’s peruse and appreciate, shall we? Each day, we’ll post about one property in Hudson that tickles our fancy. Let’s hope your fancy is tickled, as well.

Hudson is located in Columbia County east of the Hudson River approximately 2 hours from NYC.

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