Saugerties Tower House, $675,000

  |  October 27, 2015
107 fishcreek rd saugerties ny

Witches seem to gravitate toward the Catskill Mountains, according to lore. The Catskill Witch is said to have hung the moon and sun and resides on top of the highest peak in the Catskills. Meanwhile, over in the town of Saugerties, a screaming banshee is said to wander Old Patch Road, a short street off of Patch Road, which runs parallel to Fish Creek Road and the Plattekill Creek. Not much is known about her except rumors and this guy filming himself getting spooked while searching for her back in 2008. We doubt the existence of witches or banshees, but we do know it’s creepy out there at night.

Up the road a piece, the Tower House in Saugerties is the perfect witches’ brew of Catskills whimsy: A dash of Woodstock crunchiness, a hint of Rosendale quirk, a splash of Phoenicia rustic stylishness, all wrapped up in an artistic Palenville bow. There are 50 pictures included with the listing, so take a moment to appreciate our restraint in only posting 7 of them. Built by a local artist in 1993, the Tower House includes the 2118 sq.ft. round house with grand staircase connecting the home’s five floors, a two-room studio/workshop with electricity, and another studio with radiant concrete floors on another part of the five-acre property. Gorgeous landscaping to match the singular style of this house. Located west of Saugerties close to Woodstock of Route 212.

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107 Fishcreek Road, Saugerties (Coldwell Banker Village Green)

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