Stamford Stunner with Outstanding Stonework, $295,000

  |  May 4, 2015
36 lake st stamford ny2

If Kingston is the King of Affordable Mansions in the Hudson Valley, Stamford might be its Catskill Mountains counterpart (in fact, it’s referred to as the Queen of the Catskills). The Delaware County village always seems to have us gasping at a few of its offerings, not only at the beauty of the property but the price, too. Like our earlier post, this house is 5 beds/5 baths, big decked-out kitchen, wrap around porch, etc. It’s slightly smaller (4300 sq vs. 5300), but this one includes more land, features some marvelous exterior stone work, and comes with a pool. We do spy, however, some not-so-fresh carpeting in a couple of the bedrooms. Not a big deal for us. While you can see the house from the road, there’s a good amount of space between it and the house.

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Beds: 5

Baths: 5

Square Feet: 4300

Lot Size: 2.7 acres

Taxes: $5907

36 Lake Street, Stamford (Coldwell Banker) GMAP

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